Heathdale flower 24th June 2020

Holiday Hopes for Melton

The long-awaited Lego Masters Winners will be announced at our Awards Ceremony tomorrow. And after that, rest.

Heathdale flower

Wow, what a term! Can you believe we have all managed to get to the end of it? I have spoken at length to the staff here about how they all need to take a well-earned rest over the term break, due to having limited holidays at the end of Term One and the long hours everyone worked during remote learning.

I feel it is also important to say that to parents. Your respect, encouragement and kindness during this term has been so appreciated by all and I am sure you too are tired. Please allow me the opportunity to encourage you all to lie in (if you are not at work), stay in your pyjamas, spend a few days watching movies or playing games or go for a walk so you can refresh. We are in unprecedented times and everyone is feeling it in different ways, so please look after yourselves.

Unfortunately, this week’s spike in COVID-19 cases has meant some children may experience a spike in anxiety about coming to school. At school we have talked to the children openly about how it is okay to have these feelings. It is okay to feel worried and unsafe – but we have a big God who is in control and He will look after us. If you feel your child is experiencing more anxiety than usual please do let us know as we are happy to increase support measures where needed.

Tomorrow we will have our end of Term assembly. There’s a silver lining to not being able to physically congregate. We’re now able to get our whole school together for the one assembly and celebrate our term together! There will be awards, and of course, the long-awaited Lego Masters winners’ announcement. You will also have received our new look online reports this week. The changes due to COVID mean these are not the full look reports, but as always, your feedback is helpful for us.

Mrs. Mckiernan will be leaving us at the end of this week – we wish her all the very best for her future and thank her for the French work she has done for the College.

As for me I will be having a break over the holidays, too. I want to refresh with my boys. My niece is still with me as the Western Australian border is closed so I will be experimenting with more vegetarian recipes. I have been given a sourdough starter to feed so I thought I would give that a crack. I also intend to have some lazy days in front of the fire with a good book.

May God bless you all this school holidays and keep you all safe. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support.