Heathdale flower 25th November 2021

Hellos and Goodbyes

Stay in the loop with some changes happening with staffing at Melton in 2022 and check out the final few events that are happening this Term!

Heathdale flower

Can you believe there are only three weeks of school left? It is a jam-packed adventure for the students. With only three weeks to go this term, I would like to give you some information about the rest of 2021 and the start of 2022.

Teaching Staff Update

2022 will see a few changes and wonderful additions to our Melton staffing.

In Primary:

- Prep: Jennifer Spitteler and Donna George

- Year 1: Cassie Sabo and Eliza Roache

- Year 2: Kylie Clark and Adam Novakovic

- Year 3: Jo Dixon and Alan Kirkman

- Year 4: Cathryn Templeton and Wendy Harris

- Year 5: Danita O’Loughlin

- Year 6: Jilly Pardo

In Secondary:

- Nick Kopitschinski

- Michael Lossi

- Bronwyn Graham

- Charlene Nedinis

- Ewan Harris


- Library: Cathy Duncanson, Jo McDougall

- French: Phil Carpen

- PE: Johnny Williams

- Music: Ben Danson

While we gladly welcome fresh talent in our Melton staff, it is also with sadness that we farewell some of our current team. We thank Robert Court, Sam Vaiano, Jaqueline Riley and Stavi Ekmekdjian for their loyal service to God and to us and wish them well in their next chapters.

In 2022, Amanda Slade, Jannelle Hernandez, Inge Rossouw will all be taking some time off at some point for family reasons.

Homeroom classes for 2022 have already been established and you will receive notification of your Homeroom teacher before the end of the year.

If you have any questions about the above, please do contact us.

The Next 3 Weeks

Orientations: Orientations are happening for new students. Current students will experience class trials in years P-2 and the Year 6 students going into year 7 will have an orientation when they collect their devices in January.

Year 6 Graduation: The 29th of November will be a day to remember for students with lots of fun and celebrations for all students completing Year 6.

Year 7 Q&A: At 7pm on Monday 29th November there will be an opportunity for all Year 7 2022 parents to join in a livestream where we will be sharing key information and opening up a conversation about next year.

Awards assemblies: These will occur on 2nd and 9th December for students.

End of Year Fair: Wednesday 8th Dec the students will enjoy a wonderful Christmas fair on campus.

Reports: All students will receive their 2021 reports by the end of term.

Last day of school: Friday 10th of December is the last day of school for students where we will all enjoy some carols on the lawn.

It's almost a wrap for 2021!