Heathdale flower 26th May 2023

Heathdale Takes Gold & Silver at CSEN Theatre Sports

Our Theatre Sports Teams absolutely rocked the CSEN competition, taking home Gold and Silver! Find out more about the art of improvisation, and how an annual drama competition can lead to friendships, fun, and newly awakened talents.

Heathdale flower

On Friday 12th of May, our Theatre Sports Team absolutely rocked it at the CSEN Competition!

Theatre Sports is a series of competitive improvisation games. Our team are a group of very dedicated improvisers, who meet fortnightly to practice. They displayed incredible teamwork and creativity and shined in the competition!

We had three teams competing this year, one Senior team and two Junior teams. We are very proud to announce that our Senior team won gold, and in the Junior competition, our teams won both first and second place!

Anyone can be a terrific dramatist in our Theatre Sports teams. All it takes is confidence, a wild imagination, and the ability to work with your fellow actors.