Heathdale flower 28th March 2022

Heathdale Takes 5th Place at State-Level in the Education Perfect Languages Championships

Bene factum, bien joué, 做得好 to our students for their performance in the Education Perfect Languages Championships!

Heathdale flower

The Education Perfect Languages Championships is always a much-awaited time of year for students learning any language at Heathdale, and this year was no exception!

This year, the EPLWC was held between the 8th-15th March. Competition was keen amongst the students, but also we worked very well as a team. In all, Heathdale scored 147, 267 points, earning us our best ever finish of 5th in Victoria (an improvement from 7th in 2021).

Other noteworthy statistics were:

- Heathdale finished 23rd overall in Australia and 43rd in the world
- We finished 1st in Victoria for schools of 1001-2500 students
- 1st for Latin in Victoria (the first time we have done this)
- 3rd in Victoria for Chinese
- 5th in Victoria for French (interestingly, 3 of the top 5 were Christian schools)

On an individual level, our top 3 students were:

1. Edric Rodrigo (Grade 6) 8243 points
2. Katerina Kunecevic (Year 8) 5144 points
3. Chloe Munn (Year 11) 5043 points

All three of the above students received the Emerald Award for scoring more than 5,000 points.

In total, we earned the following awards:

36 Credit Awards(500pts)
16 Bronze Awards (1,000pts)
7 Silver Awards (2,000pts)
4 Gold Awards (3,000pts)
3 Emerald Awards (5,000pts)

Bene factum, bien joué, 做得好 to everyone!!
Mr Anderson & Miss Brisbane