Heathdale flower 06th May 2022

Happy Mother's Day for 2022!

We are blessed to have so many wonderful mums and mother-figures in our school community, and our students think so too! Hear what some of them have to say about their mums and how they will be celebrating Mother's Day.

Heathdale flower

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mums, mother-figures and role models in our Heathdale community! Your are so valued and appreciated, and we hope you enjoy being blessed by your families this weekend.

We asked some of our students about their mums and how they will be celebrating Mother's Day. Check out what they have to say!

My mum is a hero because...

"When I keep looking back in the rear-view mirror of my life, I cannot stop loving my Mum more and more for the unconditional love and the time that she has spent in bringing me up in a caring and God-fearing way. Mum, you are my hero. Your sacrifices and the sleepless nights you devoted for my care will not go to waste. Love you Mum, to eternity and back." (Sean, Year 11)

"My mum is a hero because she has always, and will always, love me no matter what. My mum is a hero because she is patient with me and supports me even when I doubt myself. My mum is a hero because she always provides for me, looks after me, and puts me first. My mum is a hero and I love her." (Sarah, Year 9)

"When you think of mums, you think of how they brought you into the world, buy you clothes, bring you to school, maybe work and put food in your tummy. When you think of heroes, you think of how they are strong, light in a world of darkness and fight good vs evil.

Mums are heroes, but they all are different in special ways. My mum is a bit crazy, she loves Zumba, is obsessed with water tanks and likes nothing more than to stop by her favourite bakery. What makes our mums heroes can be that crazy side to them, and there’s more than meets the eye too.

Your mum might be working to pay for you to go to school right now! Or she may be cooking something nice for dinner tonight! Or she may be doing nothing and sleeping right now… who knows!? What I’m trying to say is, no matter what level of craziness, happiness, or lovingness our mums are on, all of our mums have that special hero thing about them.

How about you look at your mum, see and find what she’s doing or has done for you, and put that word “hero” in there somewhere. You need to find that light in your mum and take the time to tell her you love her for that and that she’s your hero. Happy Mother’s Day!" (Iliana, Year 9)

On Mother's Day, this is how I honour my mum...

"I honour my mum by doing the main things she does at home, to put a smile on her face. At home, my family and I make a poster for her and give her cards, gifts and vouchers." (Edric, Year 6)

"My mum and I are the perfect couple of mother and son. I give her the best of me and I give her the love of me. I give her hugs to expand our love and I help her out with many jobs." (Omari, Year 6)

"Me and my sister give my mother lots of hugs and kisses and we always make her a homemade card and vouchers that give her three days of free vacuuming or mopping. We also help her with lunches and I make her coffee in the morning." (Christian, Year 6)

"I spend quality time with her, gives her lots of hugs, bake her a cake, make her a homemade card, get her a present and do her chores." (Aishani, Year 6)

"I honour my mum by helping her complete household chores so she has time to do her favourite things: watching TV, reading and work. Also, I often make her cards, paper animals and other various crafts. Additionally, me, my sister and my dad bake her a giant chocolate cake on Mother’s Day to make her feel special." (Roshan, Year 6)

"I will honour my mum by appreciating her through saying kind, encouraging things to her. I make my mum a crafty homemade card to show her how much I love her. My dad and I spend as much time as possible with my mum. My dad and I will put money in to buying her a present." (Rorie, Year 6)

"My mum is one of the key members in my family. I honour her by helping her do household chores such as doing the dishes, washing the clothes and vacuuming the house. I do this so she can have some more free time. Occasionally, I make her breakfast and make her cards." (Shaunav, Year 6)

"I honour my mum by showing affection towards her, like giving many hugs. I also honour my mum by giving her a card, baking, presents and cooking for her." (Annabelle, Year 6)

"To honour my mum, I try to make her day happy and give her a smile and a hug. When I help my mum do the chores, I love the time she smiles. Having her feel happy makes me happy. She has helped me and care for me since I was very young and on special days, I would love to make it as happy and enjoyable as I can. I love my mother!" (Achilles, Year 6)

"We spend time with her and basically give her a holiday while we do what she does for us – EVERY DAY!!! We give her gifts and take her out for food. We take lots of pictures with her to remember her fun day, and we do all the chores. That’s basically what we do for Mother’s Day!" (Sanjay, Year 6)

"I honour my mum by taking weight off her shoulders by doing as many tough house chores as I can. I also give a nice present that is truly from my heart, like a painting, a card or a delicious cake for her." (Aarav, Year 6)

"I honour my mum by cooking meals, breakfast in bed, doing chores, spending quality time together, hand-crafted cards, buying her favourite chocolate, home-made gifts, buying her a gift and helping out with shopping." (Isobel, Year 6)

"I honour my mum by cooking meals, breakfast in bed, doing chores, spending quality time together, hand-crafted cards, buying her favourite chocolate, home-made gifts, buying her a gift and helping out with shopping." (Reeya, Year 6)

"I honour my mum by making a card with the reasons why I love her in it. I show my mum affection whenever I can or when she needs it. My brother and I bombard her with hugs and kisses. Sometimes I’ll make my mum a meal and serve it to her while she’s in bed to relax her, and I also give her massages some days after work." (Amreen, Year 6)

"I honour my mum by hand-making her cards and presents. I also honour her by helping around the house. I also make her breakfast in bed and will take her out and do something she enjoys." (Sienna, Year 6)

"I honour my mother by helping her with the household chores, as it helps take the weight off her shoulders. I make a card for her so that she realises and acknowledged that I love her. I show her affection by hugging and kissing her so that she knows that I love her." (Jacob, Year 6)

"I honour my mum by helping her do the household chores. If my mum is washing the dishes, I will put them in the right spot once they have been washed. Furthermore, I honour my mum by making her some divine food. Sometimes, I also bake a cake for her and write her name on it." (Viraj, Year 6)