Heathdale flower 09th May 2024

Guardians of the Heart: Celebrating Mothers

As Mother's Day approaches, let's reflect on the profound impact of maternal love and honour the selfless sacrifices of the influential women in our lives.

Heathdale flower

We are approaching the weekend set aside in our calendars to honour mothers.

The designation of a special day does serve the powerful purpose of concentrating our attention and pausing the rush of daily life to make time to communicate our gratitude and appreciation through words and deeds.

Honour means to regard with great respect. In some definitions it mentions, to approach with awe.

From the vantage-point of my role as a Principal, I am constantly in awe of the sacrificial love that mothers and the prominent women in our lives bring to their family and particularly to the support of their children. Everyday mothers and these ladies place other people first.

It is only fitting that we celebrate this in a special day.

May we be moved this Sunday to remember the investment and sacrifices made by the mothers, grandmothers, and the influential women in our lives.

May we be thankful for all that they do to guard our hearts (Proverbs 4:23).

May we move to guard theirs in return and express through word and deed our deep appreciation.