Heathdale flower 18th February 2021

Growing in Staff & the Environment

Meet our newest additions to Melton's team!

Heathdale flower

The start of the year has gotten off to a wonderful start (even with the lockdown hiccup). The children are starting to settle well and get into the routine of Heathdale. As with any small school that is growing each year we spend a lot of time investing in immersing our students in the culture of Heathdale. We have over 300 students this year and new Year 3, 7 and 8 classes. We also have a few new staff.

Mr Phil Carpen started with us last year but in a COVID year you may not have seen him. He is our new Primary and Secondary French teacher and already has the children speaking many sentences in French.

Mr Ben Danson is our new Primary and Secondary music teacher. He is an expert tuba player but has many skills in music and has already started enhancing this program. Mr Danson has transferred from our Werribee campus and has been a wonderful blessing for us.

Mrs Charlene Nedinis and Mr Ewan Harris are our new very-experienced Secondary teachers. It is with sadness we say goodbye to Mrs Catherine Colborne as she is leaving to have her baby and moving interstate. We thank her so much for all of the work she has done in setting up our Secondary college and leaves a wonderful legacy.

Mrs Joanne Dixon and Mrs Jilly Pardo are our new Grade 3 and 6 teachers respectively. Both come with extensive experience and the children are already well settled in their classes.

You will also see a new face in the front office in Mrs Chelsea Tusjak. Mrs Alex Sanchez also has gone on maternity leave and hence we have another friendly face to greet you.

We are certainly growing.

As we grow, many new programs come online. We have just introduced a new lunchtime Primary environmental program. With COVID, and also for general hygiene, it is unwise to have little ones picking up rubbish with their hands. However, many Primary students love to keep our environment clean. To develop this passion each classroom now has two green vests with the labels ‘Keeping God’s Creation Clean’ on the back, two bins and two pairs of tongs. They love having the special job at lunch time of helping the maintenance team who have already commented on what a help it is. We are also well into the swing of our Student Leadership Program and encouraging students to apply via CANVAS for Years 3 and up. Please partner with us in encouraging your children to be engaged and active in our school community – every little bit always helps.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for wearing masks and keeping us COVID-safe. Please do contact your child’s homeroom teacher if you have any questions at all about school. We love to partner with you in your child’s education.