Heathdale flower 25th June 2021

GRIP Student Leadership Conference 2021

Our Primary leaders recently attended a leadership conference and filled us in on what they learned.

Heathdale flower

On the 25th May, our primary school student leaders joined thousands of other students for the GRIP Leadership Conference held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. GRIP Leadership is Australia’s premier student leadership training organisation, reaching over 25,000 students across Australia each year. Here are some words from our student leaders about their experience:

“I learnt a lot of helpful tips at the (very fun and exciting) GRIP Leadership Conference! We had three sessions, It’s My Time (Session 1), Time to Take Responsibility and Time for Bright Ideas (Session 2) and Time to Plan and Q&A with the GRIP Leadership Team, along with a lot of fun games and activities! A few important lessons I learnt was when it is your TIME to lead; Talents, Interests, Make a difference and of course, Experience. Another thing I also learnt was the three responsibilities of a leader; Follow through on your promises, Do what is right and Put others first. I had so much fun at the GRIP Leadership Conference, it was an amazing opportunity!” – Renuka

“The trip to the Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre for the GRIP Leadership Conference was a blast. There were many schools invited for this occasion and I was lucky enough to be part of this amazing group of students. There were many engaging experiences and expert knowledge on how, when, where and why to lead. We played lots of games as well to keep us occupied with the learning. Some examples of this were when we played the Number game, and the Invention game which taught us when to lead, and the Movie game which explained how we should lead. As leaders, I thought that it was an absolute privilege to have this opportunity to lead and represent our school.” - Allen

“My takeaways from the conference were that it taught you to lead, when to lead and how to make a difference. I learnt that you have a certain time to lead whether it’s because of experience, interests and talents.” – Andrew

“My highlights were learning about what other schools did to show leadership, seeing the city and all the other schools gathered at the conference. I learnt about when it's my time to lead, and when it's time to let others lead. I also learnt when I should take responsibility for my actions. Finally, we learnt about coming up with bright ideas to make the school a better place.” – Saisha