Heathdale flower 21st June 2024

Going Above and Beyond for Our Students

Join us in celebrating the extraordinary efforts of our teachers, exemplified by recent events like Science Night, Breakfast Performances and French quiz shows, enriching our students' experiences beyond the classroom.

Heathdale flower

In a world where, unfortunately, many teachers are leaving the profession, I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate our teachers and the way they consistently go above and beyond their duties in so many ways. Here are some examples of the way our teachers are providing extra opportunities for our students to explore their God-given potential!

Last Friday, the Year 2 staff hosted a fantastic Science Night that was a huge hit with the children. Dressed in their pyjamas and excited for an evening of fun, the kids enjoyed pizza and a delightful chocolate fountain. The night was filled with engaging space-themed activities that captured everyone’s imagination. The Sensory Room, with its mood lighting, cozy spaces and space scratch art was particularly popular. Students honed their fine motor skills by building rockets, turning cookies into planets, and decorating space-themed pet rocks. The chocolate fountain was a crowd favourite, with many children raving about the deliciousness of chocolate-coated marshmallows. Some of the brave ones played games in the dark by torchlight, and others joined Mr. Whelan’s dance-off, which added to the excitement and was pretty fun, too. What a memorable and enjoyable night for everyone involved!

For the first three mornings of this week, the Music Department hosted delightful Breakfast Performances starting at 8am. These events featured our Concert Band, String Orchestra and Beginners Band, along with individual performances, providing a wonderful start to the day. Attendees enjoyed some tasty breakfast treats while listening to the music. One highlight was the Concert Band’s beautiful rendition of ‘Dark Star.’ We are always eager to celebrate the gift of music and welcome new students. If any parents are interested in their children joining these bands, please see Mrs. Baker.

Madame Maazi has been delighting the P-2 year levels with their very own French quiz shows. The students are thrilled to press the buzzer and answer questions in French. They have also been immersing themselves in French culture, singing French songs and even watching some French shows to inspire their language development. I’m sure all the students will be ready to celebrate French Week when it occurs later in the year.

Additionally, the PE Department has once again organised an AFL Victoria Auskick program, starting on Monday 17th June. You should have received an email with more details about this exciting opportunity. These programs have been highly successful in primary school, providing children with a chance to connect, develop their skills and enjoy the sport.

There are also many lunchtime opportunities, such as Netball, Aerobics, Choir, Basketball, Minecraft, the Sensory Space and the Recorder Ensemble, where teachers willingly offer their lunchtimes to spend time with the children doing what they love.

We are so blessed at Heathdale to have staff who desire to give children time and opportunities outside their allotted teaching allocations.

This will be the last newsletter for Term 2. Please take some time with your child(ren) to rest and recuperate over the holidays. Eleven weeks is a long term for Term 2, and they will be tired.

This term has been wonderful and the children are learning well and we have been blessed that behaviour expectations are well met. We pray that you will all have a safe and happy holiday.