Heathdale flower 23rd February 2024

Get to Know Our Werribee Campus Year 6 Captains

Our Primary Captains for 2024, Tanishka and Aiden, along with our Vice-Captains, Elena and Louis, have answered a few questions about their journey to Year 6 Captaincy and what they would like to achieve this year.

Heathdale flower

At Heathdale, we value fostering an environment where leadership skills are nurtured, celebrated and implemented. Towards the end of the school year in Year 5, students are invited and selected through an application process to lead as Primary Captains for the following year as Year 6 students. This is something many children aspire to do from a young age.

These young leaders, entrusted with guiding their peers, provide valuable insights into the qualities, challenges and rewards of effective leadership. Through their experiences, we seek to learn how they aim to apply Biblical principles such as humility, compassion and service to inspire a positive culture within our school community.

Our Primary Captains for 2024, Tanishka Taluja and Aiden Chauhan, along with our Vice-Captains, Elena Shum and Louis Zhao, have answered a series of questions regarding their experiences and understanding of leadership and their aspiration as leaders. We are very grateful to these individuals for contributing to our school community to help everyone to feel safe and that they belong.

Through the lens of our Primary Captains, let us reflect on how we can cultivate a community where every individual can lead with purpose and integrity.

Reflecting on your experiences in Primary school, what instances or activities have influenced your development as a leader.

Tankishka: Throughout Primary school, one of the experiences I have had was being a part of the GRIP Leadership Conference with the other students this year. From there, I learned how to show the qualities of a Captain. I have also been a Class Captain twice and that has prepared me to not only serve one class, but to serve multiple grades.

Reflecting on your time at Primary school, what experiences or lessons stand out to you as shaping your leadership qualities?

Aiden: I enjoyed sport and PE because we all worked together as a team.

In your opinion, what does true leadership entail, especially within a Primary school setting?

Louis: I think true leadership means to help others by leading them in God’s way and helping them learn and grow.

Elena: I think a true leader would not just tell people what to do, but also listen to other people’s opinions and comments, and then take those ideas to make the school even better. True leaders also serve their school and community by helping others in need.

How do you hope to support the school as a student leader this year?

Aiden: I want to help Heathdale by advancing more as we learn together and grow.

Tanishka: In 2024, I hope to help other students when needed and help plan events with the other Primary leaders. I also hope to act as a role model to younger students, so they have someone they can look up to.

Louis: I hope that I support the school this year by helping others and planning events to help others in need.

Elena: I hope I can help everyone who might be feeling lonely to have a friend to play with and to look out for them.

We hope the school community will embrace our leaders. If your child has something they wish to discuss with a leader about how we can keep improving our part of the school, please let them know they can have this facilitated by Mr Haworth.