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Get to Know Our Student Wellbeing Team! (3/3)

To finish off our series on getting to know our dedicated Student Wellbeing Team, meet Leah Davie, our Student Welfare Coordinator, and Roxanne Kirk, our College Nurse!

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We are excited to introduce you to our dedicated Student Wellbeing team, working together to create an inclusive, nurturing and thriving environment for all our students. Under the leadership of Kris McClelland, Director of Student Wellbeing, the Student Wellbeing Team is made up of three amazing departments: Health & First Aid under Roxanne Kirk, Student Welfare led by Leah Davie, and Learning Enhancement under Jenny Kuipers, along with our wonderful Learning Assistants led by Lisa Thompson. This team is committed to supporting your child's holistic development.

The primary purpose of our Student Wellbeing Team is to foster a school community that promotes health, safety, dignity, and belonging, enriched in Christian culture, while nurturing lifelong learning. We believe that by providing a supportive and caring environment, we can help your child grow in self-esteem, joy, and resilience.

Throughout the year, we have exciting plans in place to support your child's wellbeing. In the upcoming newsletters, each team member will share a little about themselves and what their teams are doing to ensure your child's wellbeing is a top priority.

This week, we invite you to get to know more about Leah Davie, our Student Welfare Coordinator, and Roxanne Kirk, our College Nurse!

Leah Davie
Roxanne Kirk

What is your role at Heathdale and what does that entail?

Leah: My role at Heathdale is the Student Welfare Coordinator. I lead and support the Student Welfare Team in our work with students across the Werribee and Melton campuses. This includes individual support of students’ social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, as well as facilitating workshops with groups of students and presenting at assemblies.

Roxanne: I am the College Nurse here at Heathdale. As a member of the Health and First Aid team, my aim is to promote and facilitate the wellbeing and primary healthcare of all students and staff across the Melton and Werribee Campuses. This involves contributing to positive student development, promoting health and safety, intervening in actual or potential health and first aid issues, and providing case management services in collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

How did you come to be in this role?

Leah: I have always been passionate about working with young people and have been in the youth work field for nearly 20 years. I have a Bachelor of Youth Work and Diplomas in Counselling Skills and Management. I have previously worked at Headspace Schools Division, leading a team in the work of developing mental health and wellbeing strategies for schools across Victoria and Tasmania. I was drawn to working at Heathdale because as a parent of children that attend the College, I love the idea that I can help contribute to supporting the community here.

Roxanne: I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Nursing and Health Sciences and later specialised in Oncology & Haematology for more than a decade. Afterward, I transitioned to specialist healthcare consulting, where I expanded cancer and rare disease services to rural and remote communities across Australia. Eventually, I became the owner and Director of a national healthcare company. However, through the Lord’s leading, I sold the company before 2020. The opportunity to work at Heathdale came about, allowing me to utilise my knowledge and experience in providing healthcare closer to home for the first time in my career.

How does your team support student wellbeing?

Leah: As well as working with students individually, the Student Welfare Team are Child Safety Officers for the school, which works to promote and support the safety of the community at Heathdale. We design, develop, and deliver proactive workshops that promote social-emotional education and skills, teaching to groups of students. We also work collaboratively with Learning Enhancement, Learning Assistants, and the Health & First Aid team to provide a holistic approach in our care of students. We work with leadership staff across the College to advocate and elevate student-voice to enhance the school experience of our students.

Roxanne: Our Health and First Aid team encounters a wide range of ailments, injuries, complaints, and issues on a daily basis. With an average of 70 presentations a day, we are well-positioned to identify both apparent and underlying problems affecting our students. When necessary, we collaborate with Student Welfare and communicate with teaching staff to ensure students receive the support they need, beyond the scope of our immediate care.

Why are you passionate about student wellbeing?

Leah: Having worked with young people for a long time, I know that positive wellbeing is an essential part of a young person's development into adulthood. I'm passionate about being able to help guide young people through these developing years and be a support for any tricky times that occur in their lives.

Roxanne: The world is evolving rapidly, and children are growing up faster than ever. It is essential to equip them with self-help strategies and resilience, enabling them to face the world with confidence. Prevention is always better than cure, and we believe that instilling strong physical health, mental and emotional foundations will lead to healthier and more empowered individuals.

What is your prayer for our students?

Leah: My prayer is that all students, parents, and educators at Heathdale would know the love and care that God has for them and live out this truth in community with each other.

Roxanne: My prayer for the students at Heathdale is that they grow up knowing they are unconditionally loved by God. For them to have sound minds and peaceful hearts, empowering them to navigate life's challenges with grace and determination.