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Get to Know Our Student Wellbeing Team! (2/3)

Continuing in our series of getting to know our dedicated Student Wellbeing Team, meet Jenny Kuipers, our Learning Enhancement Coordinator, and Lisa Thompson, our Learning Assistant Support Officer.

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We are excited to introduce you to our dedicated Student Wellbeing team, working together to create an inclusive, nurturing and thriving environment for all our students. Under the leadership of Kris McClelland, Director of Student Wellbeing, the Student Wellbeing Team is made up of three amazing departments: Health & First Aid under Roxanne Kirk, Student Welfare led by Leah Davie, and Learning Enhancement under Jenny Kuipers, along with our wonderful Learning Assistants led by Lisa Thompson. This team is committed to supporting your child's holistic development.

The primary purpose of our Student Wellbeing Team is to foster a school community that promotes health, safety, dignity, and belonging, enriched in Christian culture, while nurturing lifelong learning. We believe that by providing a supportive and caring environment, we can help your child grow in self-esteem, joy, and resilience.

Throughout the year, we have exciting plans in place to support your child's wellbeing. In the upcoming newsletters, each team member will share a little about themselves and what their teams are doing to ensure your child's wellbeing is a top priority.

This week, we invite you to get to know more about Jenny Kuipers, our Learning Enhancement Coordinator, and Lisa Thompson, a Learning Assistant Support Officer!

Jenny Kuipers
Lisa Thompson

What is your role at Heathdale and what does that entail?

Jenny: I am the Learning Enhancement Coordinator here at Heathdale. In this role, I work with teachers to support students to engage and extend their capacity.

Lisa: I am a Learning Assistant Support Officer. I currently work full-time in Year 2 and help oversee the Learning Assistants at both Campus.

How did you come to be in this role?

Jenny: I've worked at Heathdale for almost five years as a Learning Enhancement teacher, moving into this role at the beginning of the year. I have worked with students, both individually and in small groups, for a number of years. My passion developed from a desire to see each child develop and grow in their knowledge and understanding and support them to do so through strong, evidence-based approaches. I completed a Masters of Learning Intervention a few years ago in order to develop and extend my understanding of how students learn.

Lisa: I was a director of a 120-place childcare centre before having my three children. I was a stay-at-home mum for 10 years and I started working at Heathdale 9.5 Years ago. I have a Diploma of Community Services - Child Care and Certificate III In Education Support.

How does your team support student wellbeing?

Jenny: Student wellbeing encompasses the whole student, recognising that in order to learn, all aspects of each student need to be supported.

Lisa: My team support students by creating time and space to help students learn and grow in their studies and provide them with social and emotional support when needed.

Why are you passionate about student wellbeing?

Jenny: Each child is uniquely designed by our Creator God and as a school, we support them academically, socially, with their mental and physical wellbeing and in their faith journey.

Lisa: I believe that every student, no matter their academic level, should be allowed to showcase their God-given talents and potential in their everyday school life.

What is your prayer for our students?

Jenny: My prayer is that students would know Christ’s love for them and see Him at work in every aspect of their lives – in the times of joy and in the challenging times.

Lisa: My prayer for students is to know Gods love and his protection over their lives. For every student at Heathdale to feel included safe and supported in all that they do at the college. I pray that every student grows at their own pace and feels included in their school journey by all staff and fellow students.