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Get to Know Our Student Wellbeing Team! (1/3)

Over the next few newsletters, get ready to meet our dedicated Student Wellbeing Team! This dynamic team is made up of Health & First Aid, Student Welfare and Learning Enhancement, along with our caring Learning Assistants. They are committed to supporting your child's holistic development, ensuring their wellbeing is a top priority. This week, Meet Kris McClelland, our Director of Student Wellbeing! Get to know the driving force behind our dedicated team!

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We are excited to introduce you to our dedicated Student Wellbeing team, working together to create an inclusive, nurturing and thriving environment for all our students. Under the leadership of Kris McClelland, Director of Student Wellbeing, the Student Wellbeing Team is made up of three amazing departments: Health & First Aid under Roxanne Kirk, Student Welfare led by Leah Davie, and Learning Enhancement under Jenny Kuipers, along with our wonderful Learning Assistants led by Lisa Thompson. This team is committed to supporting your child's holistic development.

The primary purpose of our Student Wellbeing Team is to foster a school community that promotes health, safety, dignity, and belonging, enriched in Christian culture, while nurturing lifelong learning. We believe that by providing a supportive and caring environment, we can help your child grow in self-esteem, joy, and resilience.

Throughout the year, we have exciting plans in place to support your child's wellbeing. In the upcoming newsletters, each team member will share a little about themselves and what their teams are doing to ensure your child's wellbeing is a top priority.

This week, we invite you to get to know Kris McClelland, our Director of Student Wellbeing, a little better!

What is your role at Heathdale and what does that entail?

As the Director of Student Wellbeing, I work with the teams of Learning Enhancement, Health & First Aid and Student Welfare, so that together we can achieve the best supports and outcomes for students in their spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual learning growth at Heathdale.

How did you come to be in this role?

After obtaining my Bachelor of Education, I found during my teaching career that I developed a deep desire to see each student flourish in every aspect of their lives. This led me to study a Master of Special Education. With this knowledge of evidence-based practices and using skills God has blessed me with, I, along with the Student Wellbeing team, endeavour to help all students reach their God-given potential.

Why are you passionate about student wellbeing?

Wellbeing is connected to our view of God and our view of ourselves. Any insufficiencies we may perceive of ourselves, can affect other areas. For example, if we are emotionally anxious, this can affect our learning, or if we have a physical ailment, this can affect our mental health. Christ not only transforms our view of ourselves by showing us how to love ourselves and others, but through His death, each day is new. He provides us with the grace and forgiveness we need to be able to live to our fullest, reflecting His love. The principles of wellbeing are founded on living rightly with God, which is then reflected in all other relationships including our self-view.

What is your prayer for our students?

I pray that as students learn more about God, every aspect of their lives will reflect healthy and good relationships with themselves and their communities.

Our aim is to empower your child to master challenges, overcome frustrations, and cultivate a growth mindset. By equipping them with essential life skills and fostering a positive mindset, we desire to see each student thrive and reach their full God-given potential.

We are thrilled about the journey ahead and look forward to working together with you as partners in your child's wellbeing and success.