Heathdale flower 28th October 2021

French Week Fun

French Week was an exciting time for cultural experiences and a spot of gastronomy. Check out our student creations!

Heathdale flower

How wonderful it has been this week to hear the laughter and chatter of students back on site! Walking the corridors and seeing happy smiling faces has been a delight.

Last week saw the enormous fun of French week, for which I would like to commend Mr Phil Carpen and the French team for all their hard work. Here is what Phil had to say about the week:

"During French week, students participated in lots of activities: they made French chef hats, chocolate French toast, and French Crafts – like bilboquet and drawing of the Eiffel Tower. They made Crêpe and watched a family-favourite French movie, Ratatouille! We had so much fun during our live cooking event, where we made our famous French chocolate dessert call "Fondant au Chocolat".

Check out the highlights of some students' work during French week below.

It has been a fantastic week, giving students a hands-on experience of French culture and gastronomy. À bientôt!"

World Teachers' Day

October 29th is World Teachers' Day. The past 18 months has given everyone new insight into the hard work that teachers perform to ensure the learning of the students at Heathdale. Never have they had to pivot so much and learn new skills to be able to accommodate the challenges of remote learning and the start-stop nature of classroom returns. Please join with us on October 29th as we celebrate, support and thank our teachers for all they have done over the past months. Your child should have received a card to complete for their teacher. There is no better way to say thank you than through the eyes of a child!

Akira - Year 1
Brae - Year 5
Clare - Year 3
Levi - Year 1
Sophie - Year 2
Rhys - Year 1