Heathdale flower 11th December 2019

Final Junior Jottings

Thank you to everyone for a lovely year. Merry Christmas.

Heathdale flower

Today we conclude our school year and I would like to thank our Junior School community for the part each of you has played. We have enjoyed seeing our students’ many contributions and special individual gifts and talents shared so happily in their classrooms and teaching spaces this year. I congratulate our students for their participation in what has been a busy, productive and successful year for all. At our assembly today we applauded our awardees for their efforts in perseverance, achievement, friendship and learning. We have relished the many opportunities to see our students shine in a number of creative and interesting ways across the year.

It is noteworthy that today is the last day for what we have called Junior School for many years. We now look forward to the coming year of the new Primary structure. With our Heads of Learning Modules in place, we are assured of a wonderful year with many new possibilities being created. Much of this preparatory work has already been forged under the direction of Joe Haworth and Cathy Ward, and we look forward to seeing our students return next year.

Thank you to our community for the very important part you have played in making our school a wonderful place to be. The Christmas story of Jesus arrival on earth as a tiny baby, born to be our friend and Saviour of the world has been a delight to share once more with our students. God’s love poured out to a world that was hurting, a tiny baby born to be King and Lord of Lords, always inspires and lifts us to rejoice in the truth of God’s love and grace each Christmas.
As a staff we pray for each and every family in our community, to know the love, joy and peace of Jesus this Christmas and holiday season. I look forward to welcoming our Primary students back for a great year of learning once more in 2020.

2020 Meet the Teacher

Prep-Yr 6 students are invited between 2:30-3:00pm to meet their 2020 class teacher and see their room on Wednesday 29th January. Attending on this date is not compulsory, however, if you are able to come in, this is a wonderful time to greet students and families after the break and before the more formal events of the following week occur.

First Day of School

Thursday 30th January is the first day of school for 2020. Students will be required to arrive by 8.30am ready for the beginning of classes at 8.35am.

Welcome Morning Tea

Prep families and new families to the College are invited to attend our Welcome Morning Tea on Friday 31st January 8.45-9.45am at the OSHP building.