Heathdale flower 11th May 2023

Farm Life at Edendale

To learn more about sustainable living practices, our Year 9 Melton students recently headed to Edendale Community Farm. From vegetable gardens to protecting waterways, there was much to be learned and enjoyed.

Heathdale flower

Hidden amongst the trees in Eltham is Edendale Community Farm, a place that seeks to educate the community on how to support sustainable living practices. As part of their Geography, Culture and Environment studies, Year 9 students journeyed to Edendale and were led on a tour of the farm where they were informed of how to develop a sustainable way of living both now and in the future.

Students were shown how to develop vegetable gardens, care for livestock and change their behaviours so that they could better protect our natural waterways. Throughout the day the students enjoyed picking fresh produce, patting chickens, sheep, goats, alpacas and cows, and testing water from local sources to analyse is salinity and turbidity.

It was a fantastic opportunity to apply what students had been learning about biomes, food security and globalisation in the classroom, whilst also seeing it being applied by people at Edendale.