Heathdale flower 14th October 2021

Farewell and Well Done!

It's almost the end of high school for our Year 12's! We are cheering them on as they steadily approach the wonderful milestone of graduation.

Heathdale flower

Our Year 12s came back on campus last week to complete the GAT and then move into on-campus learning again. What a joy to be able to see everyone again!

But, our time together is short. Friday the 22nd of October will be the last day for our Year 12's before exams. The Heathdale tradition of gifts to and from the Preps will still happen, as well as our special roll call in the main courtyard and a lap of honour around the school.

We want to honour and congratulate a cohort of students whose resilience and determination have seen them conquer a unique and challenging end to their high school years. We are celebrating not just 2021, but all the years of formal schooling that have built up to this moment! What a milestone for these young men and women.

Some further celebrations and their formal graduation will take place on December 6th when exams will be finished and restrictions hopefully eased. Until then, Year 12's, stay safe, keep going and all the best for your final exams!