Heathdale flower 02nd March 2023

Eyes Up

It's easy to get so focused on what it right in front of us, just like when playing a game of basketball and keep eyes on the ball. My encouragement for you is to lift up your eyes to the bigger picture happening around you - God is at work!

Heathdale flower

Last week, I had one of those ‘flash back’ moments!

I was searching for a book in my study, as I was looking, I came across an old photo album and as I flicked through the pages, I found myself reminiscing and recalling a whole series of events. There was one photo that really took me down memory lane. It was a photo of my three kids, in their early teenage years, dresses in their basketball uniforms. As I stared at this photo, I started to recall that as a parent, when your children get involved in something, you also usually get involved. This was no different for me as I soon found myself coaching all three of my kids’ teams; what was I thinking?!

At the peak of the basketball season, my Saturday schedule would look something like this: Samuel was coaching an Under 8’s team and they’d play at 8:00am; Sarah would have a 9:00 or 10:00am game; Jonathan would have a game around midday; Samuel would have a game anywhere between 4:00 to 8:00pm.

Come Saturday night, I was exhausted but I did it because I wanted to be involved in something with my kids, and I must confess, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!

For those of you who have coached junior sport, you would also realise that as a coach, it’s not simply about the game on Saturday. There was the weekly training sessions to attend as well. Coaching was demanding, yet at the same time I found it incredibly rewarding. One of the most rewarding moments was watching the team develop, practicing specific drills and then using these drills in a game. The sense of accomplishment would make their faces beam with excitement.

One of the basic drills had my teams do was to dribble the ball up the court using either hand and not just their preferred hand. Once they were confident to use either hand, I would challenge them to do it without looking at the ball, keeping their eyes on what was happening up the court. I explained to them that by keeping their eyes up they have a greater sense of vision, they could see the bigger picture. When their eyes were down on the ball, they’d have no idea of the bigger picture.

Having an idea or understanding of the bigger picture is what came to mind when I recently read the following verse in the Bible:

“Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life’ is an utterance of faith.” (Psalm 23:6)

It probably goes without saying that the verse, penned by David as part of Psalm 23, “surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life,” is a declaration of faith and has the sense of him looking up, grasping the bigger picture.

This verse can only be said by someone who looks beyond the immediate events of life and has a confidence that God is the One who is ultimately in control of all things.

David believed that nothing could happen to him, no difficulty or dilemma could come into his life, without eventual good emerging from the apparent chaos. This is a grasp of the big picture that few of us have, but many long for.

Most of us when we look back on our lives can see this truth, but the challenge is to believe it as we are going through various circumstances. Ah, the wisdom of hindsight!

I often forget that God knows exactly where I am, while at the same time, knowing that He sees the big picture. He knows the thoughts that are running through our minds. He knows what is troubling our souls. He knows what brings us joy and contentment to our hearts. The fact that God can hold the big picture and fine details simultaneously is something we need to hold on to. He’s able to faithfully stand with us no matter the circumstances!

Today, may you know and believe and experience that His goodness and mercy are indeed our constant companions as He has a deep understanding of the big picture while at the same time holding all the fine details of life.


Ross Grace
Executive Principal