Heathdale flower 14th November 2019

Exam Prep – Piece by Piece

Making the mountainous manageable.

Heathdale flower

As I made my way through High School (more years ago than I’d like to remember), I remember several distinct times when I built something up in my mind as too big, complex or unique to understand, only to realise that it wasn’t so daunting after all. One such time was when I first studied Shakespeare – his name was so big, he had been studied throughout the English-speaking world for so long, how could I as a mere student hope to understand him?

The answer was, of course, by dealing with him piece by piece. The first page, the first Act, then reading over Shylock’s speech again – bit by bit, the mountainous became manageable.

I say this, not just because I enjoy reminiscing about Year 9 English, but because there is a clear and obvious parallel to the Year 9 and 10 Examinations which are only a week and a half away. Prepared for step by step, they are very manageable – which is why your child has been studying so hard for weeks now. But there are some important last steps that can strengthen their preparation:

-Making a list of questions to ask your teachers;
-Using flashcards to help revise core concepts;
-Practice planning an essay topic in 5 minutes;
-Review the resources on Canvas;
-Surprise your teacher by asking questions during revision week.

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” Robert Collier