Heathdale flower 28th April 2022

Enthusiastic About Excursions

2022 has brought with it something we have missed very much over the last couple of years: excursions! We have some exciting outings planned for Term 2, and let's take a look at some highlights from Year 7 Camp while we're here.

Heathdale flower

Thank you for accepting the many invitations you have been getting through our new excursions and incursions app – Consent2Go. We are still working through some of the settings and hope to get better at distinguishing between excursions which require parent consent and incursions for which we give parents notification but don’t need a response. We hope you are finding it more reliable than paper permission slips which sometimes languish in the bottom of school bags for many days!

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to get back into the swing of all these exciting adventures? Coming up in May, please look out for:

- Year 9 Geography Excursion

- Year 12 Drama Ensemble performance

- Years 10-12 House Debating competition

- Year 12 VCAL Barista Course

- Year 10 Study Skills Workshops

- Years 7 & 9 NAPLAN

- Year 7 and 8 Study Skills Workshops

- Volleyball Cup

- Year 11 Systems Engineering Excursion

- Years 10-12 Careers Expo

- Years 8 and 9 History Competition

- Years 7 – 11 End of Semester Exams

Year 7 Camp

We were thrilled to have our Year 7 cohort able to go away on camp for the last week of Term 1! Our enthusiastic and energetic teachers and students spent time exploring their character and strengths, developing resilience and self-confidence, trying new things and deepening their relationships with one another.

Activities included ropes courses, archery, flying fox and night games, the weather was superb, for which we are truly thankful, and I’m told there was “SO much food”!

Enjoy some snapshots from the fun week...