Heathdale flower 18th August 2022

Embracing the Everyday

Each day brings with it fresh opportunities to learn and deepen our relationships with God and the people around us. At Melton, we are excited for our upcoming events that will add even more value to our everyday!

Heathdale flower

It is wonderful to be at that time of the year when the days are starting to get just that little bit longer, the weather is not so cold, and the roses have begun to reshoot. Spring is around the corner! Of course, the current cooler weather does not stop our students from enjoying the outdoors. A particular source of enjoyment this past week being our new outdoor table tennis table!

As we all know, school life centers around the everyday, or every weekday, classroom learning. During the year we will enjoy other experiences that complement our learning, but it is essential that over time, we develop rhythms and practices that assist us in doing our best in the everyday.

The same is true of our life in Christ. At Heathdale Christian College, our Christian faith may be evident in that we sing Christian songs in assemblies, we have times of devotion, and we pray. Yet, as I read Scripture, it is clear that those of us who love God are called to live by God’s standards and care for our neighbours through all that we do. That is, Jesus is clear in His teachings that we are to live for Him in our everyday lives.

Additionally, as see evidenced in Scripture, we have the assistance of the Holy Spirit working in us as we look to follow Christ. So, what does this mean? Every day matters. During each day, we each have the opportunity to live for Christ in all that we do, including in and through our classroom practice, whether we are staff members or students.

As I mentioned earlier, in school life we often enjoy other experiences that complement our everyday. These times can be a wonderful support to our classroom learning. In looking at our calendar for the rest of 2022, it is great to see that we have the following camps:

Year 3 Camp Excursion on 26th August

Year 8 Camp from 7th to 9th September

Year 5/6 Camp from 17th to 20th October

Year 9 Camp from 21st to 23rd November

Finally, recently we wrote to the current Year 8 and 9 families regarding our upcoming Subject Information Session for students moving into Years 9 and 10 in 2023. The Session will be on Tuesday 30th August at 7.30 pm in the Auditorium.

This evening presents a tremendous opportunity for parents of students in our current Year 8 and 9 classes at the Melton campus to learn more about the overall student programs in Years 9 and 10, with a particular emphasis on the elective subjects. We certainly look forward to seeing our Year 8 and 9 families there on the evening.