Heathdale flower 24th May 2024

Education Perfect Language Championship 2024

Heathdale students excelled in the 2024 Education Perfect Language Championship, achieving top global rankings and smashing last year's record with an impressive 369,801 points!

Heathdale flower

The Education Perfect World Championships for Languages was held from 7th – 14th May, and our students were enthusiastic participants once again.

During this week, students gain points for any language work completed in Education Perfect. Having done well in previous years, our goal this year was to surpass last year's score of 252,912 points. We are happy to report that not only did we surpass this score, but we also smashed it, scoring 369,801 points for the week!

Here are some of the honours Heathdale achieved:

6th globally out of 2032 schools
4th in Australia out of 1315 schools
3rd in Victoria out of 335 schools
1st in the world for Latin out of 539 schools
7th in the world for French out of 1234 schools
18th in the world for Chinese out of 1018 schools

Interestingly, we also scored well in languages such as German, Italian, Malay and Spanish, which are not even taught at Heathdale!

On an individual level, we had:

47 students received credit awards (500 points or more)
41 students received bronze awards (1000 points or more)
7 students received silver awards (2000 points or more)
14 students received gold awards (3000 points or more)
10 students received emerald awards (5000 points or more)
7 students received elite awards (10,000 points or more) 

Up until this year, only one student at Heathdale had ever received an elite award!

Our top-scoring students were:

3rd: Noah W. (Year 7) with 13,293 points
Elena S. (Year 6) with 16,336 points
Aneesh K. (Year 7) with 24,787 points

All in all, the competition built up our students' habits in using Education Perfect to help consolidate their vocabulary. Congratulations to all involved. Now we need to start planning how we are going to better our scores next year!