Heathdale flower 18th March 2024

Easter Devotionals 2024

Werribee Primary parents are invited to join the search for our daily snippets of the Easter story, showing up in the Primary courtyard in the lead-up to Easter!

Heathdale flower

Thank you for joining your child in finding today's part of the Easter story!

The Easter story is incredibly important to Christians because it represents the heart of our faith. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is the central event in Christianity. 

Christians believe that Jesus, who died on the cross to save humanity from sin, rose from the dead three days later, conquering death and offering the promise of eternal life to all who believe in Him. 

Easter symbolises new life, hope and redemption, showing God's love and power over sin and death. It reminds us of the core of our beliefs and gives us hope for the future. Additionally, Easter serves as a reminder of God's faithfulness, mercy and His ultimate victory of good over evil.

1. Jesus Enters Jerusalem

Read the 'Jesus Enters Jerusalem' devotional (1/12)

2. The Last Supper

Read 'The Last Supper' devotional (2/12)

3. Jesus Prays in the Garden

Read the 'Jesus Prays in the Garden' devotional (3/12)

4. The Trial

Read 'The Trial' devotional (4/12)

5. Jesus is Whipped

Read the 'Jesus is Whipped' devotional (5/12)

6. Crown of Thorns

Read the 'Crown of Thorns' devotional (6/12)

7. Jesus Carries the Cross

Read the 'Jesus Carries the Cross' devotional (7/12)

8. Jesus Dies

Read the 'Jesus Dies' devotional (8/12)

9. The Empty Tomb

Read 'The Empty Tomb' devotional (9/12)

10. He is Risen

Read the 'He is Risen' devotional (10/12)

11. Share the Good News

Read the 'Share the Good News' devotional (11/12)

12. Jesus Ascends into Heaven

Read the 'Jesus Ascends into Heaven' devotional (12/12)