Heathdale flower 04th March 2021

Dress Up in House Colours!

This year, we’ll embrace our house colours with vigour, beginning with our Swimming Carnival.

Heathdale flower

This Friday is our first swimming carnival for Years 3-8 in what seems a very long COVID time! The children and staff are anticipating a day of fun and excitement as we go to Melton waves.

You may know that every child is allocated into a house. These houses are Judson (blue), Taylor (red), Carey (Yellow), Stanway (green). All of the houses are named after famous missionaries. We have placed an extract from the Senior school dairy below so you can read about the missionaries.

This year with over 40 staff we are also allocating every staff member a house. We intend to ramp up our house allegiance and have some healthy competition happening. Mr Williams is busy making preparations and preparing students and staff with house information. On Friday if your child is in Years 3-8 please allow them to dress in their house colours to get into the spirit. They can bring coloured mascots, pompoms to shake, banners, etc. Of course, not all house events will have a sports focus as we wish to include everyone.

The weather is only going to be 17 degrees so please ensure your child is dressed warmly for when they get out of the pool. We know swimming is not for everyone but we are aiming to make it a great fun day so even if your child is not a swimmer they can cheer on their house. Participation gets points. We also know young adults are very conscious of how they look especially in a swimming pool environment, however, please ensure they are following the Sunsmart rules. Even if it is not overly hot the UV can still be high.

While swimming is lots of fun it is also important to be water wise so please also partner with us to stress the importance of no running round the pool and listening to all instructions so everyone is safe. We will have most of our Years 3-8 staff at the pool supervising as well as the pool lifeguards.

If as a parent you are wishing to come to the pool to cheer on your child’s team you will need to book a spot on Eventbrite – you will receive a link from Kristy Chalmers to book in.

We hope to see you there.

Read more about our Houses here – Programs