Heathdale flower 03rd February 2022

Don't be a Stranger

I look forward to meeting you all as our students arrive each day!

Heathdale flower

It is my honour and privilege to be serving you as you the Principal of Primary from 2022. I am so looking forward to meeting you and your children and partnering with you for their years in the Primary school.

I love welcoming the students as they arrive at school, so I hope to see you at the school gate. It was a fantastic opportunity to see so many fresh faces today, I know for a lot of families, particularly our Preps, that this was a big first step on your Heathdale journey. Please don’t be a stranger and come and say hello and forgive me if I don’t know your names immediately. The Werribee campus has a lot more families than Melton so it may take me some time!

Whatever year level your child is in I know God has exciting plans for their learning and we ensure we partner with you, so your child reaches their God given potential.

I know Mrs Moffett was a wonderful Principal (of my own children, too) and they are big shoes to fill. I am sure many of you will miss her and change can be daunting but rest assured I will always have your child’s learning at the front of my thoughts. I will build on the strengths she has left and be bold and willing to make decisions that seek continuous improvement.

This time of COVID continues to challenge us – if you are anxious at all about anything please do contact your child’s Homeroom teacher – we are here to help and want to see everyone back at school and learning as soon as possible. Please do read all the College’s information and seek clarification if needed.

I look forward to partnering with you in the coming days and years.

May God bless you all.