Heathdale flower 31st March 2022

Delving into STEM

Our Year 9-10 Computing students headed off to Wyndham Tech at Victoria University. Get a glimpse into their tech-based experience!

Heathdale flower

It’s so wonderful to be able to take our students out on excursions once again. This week, our Year 9 and 10 Computing students spent the day at Wyndham Tech, an on-site facility of Victoria University, dedicated to teaching students STEM learning.

Students were initially greeted by the $160,000 robotic dog, Spot, who led students into the facility. Split into two groups, students completed the Game Development and the Cyber Security Program.

The Game Development program required students to think about the design process that went into making a game, from considering the audience to designing the racetrack of an engaging car racing game. The second group looked into the importance of cyber security, considering its role in local businesses as well as the current international digital war. They also solved problems that taught students how both a hacker and a cyber security programmer might think when building digital security safeguards.

Equipped with many exciting, expensive, and tech-enabled learning opportunities, the excursion at Wyndham Tech ultimately led to a holistic, engaging, and authentic learning experience for everyone.

Felix hacking into the database to solve the mystery.
Jolade on a fully spec'd out gaming PC (with the latest graphics card!)
David patting the six figure robotic dog, Spot.