Heathdale flower 13th December 2022

Congratulate our new Primary Leaders

Learning Team Leaders have been announced, and after three rounds of evaluation our new Primary and House Captains have been named.

Heathdale flower

I am hoping you have been enjoying the recent end of year celebrations with your child. At school we are always looking to the following year so I would like to take this opportunity to make you aware of some changes for 2023.

The new year level leaders have been announced and they are as follows:

Prep - Katherine Hernandez
Year 1 - Vanessa Cooper
Year 2 - Ankia Esterhuizen
Year 3 - Megan Dalton
Year 4 - Nari Dent
Year 5 - Grace Ashwin
Year 6 - Bridget Guglielmo

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate these teachers on such important positions in the Primary school. They will be concentrating on the curriculum and learning and teaching for each year level for the whole College.

There are also always people who God has called into other pursuits. Leaving or having a short time out of the classroom are Sarah Kerwell, Marina Hernandez, Tanjil Spink and Georgina Abdilla. We’d also like to mention Emily Langley from the LE team who will be concluding this year. We thank you all for your dedication to the College and wish you all of God's blessings for the future.

Please also celebrate with us as we congratulate Miriam Anderson and Kaitlyn Venema as each of them get married over the school holidays. May the Lord bless them each with a wonderful partnership.


The primary school went through a rigorous process in choosing our Primary and House captains. This included:

Round 1: Written statement from aspiring leader – why do you want to lead?
Round 2: Values Evaluation from Current Classroom Teacher
Round 3: Practical Round – public speaking

Students were chosen from these rounds by a panel of teachers. They will be led by our new primary teacher leaders. Please join with us in congratulating:

Primary Captains

Teacher leader: Rebecca Puopolo
Captains: Dehein Ariyawansa & Annabelle Pramugi Tan
Vice Captains: Bolton Nguyen & Mikayla Husni

Carey House Captains

Teacher leader: Ajay Jacob
Captains: Joshua Sarwono & Savannah Shaaya
Vice Captains: Jeremy Enwere & Aarna Sikka

Judson House Captains

Teacher leader: Alannah Brisbane
Captains: Marcus Zhu & Chloe Zhang
Vice Captains: Matthew Gowe & Giselle Wintle

Taylor House Captains

Teacher leader: Anna Sgro
Captains: Ethan Teoh & Alina Chakkal
Vice Captains: Ahan Patel & Samaira Mahna

Stanway House Captains

Teacher leader: Isabel Scherping
Captains: Gauransh & Mishka Trapasiya
Vice Captains: Daniel Do & Frankie Marriott

All students performed excellently and we know we will all benefit from their leadership. We know there was a lot of interest in leadership and not all students were chosen. We thank you all for helping us in helping those who were not successful in this process.

So as my first year as your principal draws to a close I would like to thank staff, parents and students for your ongoing support and joy in all things educational. Your partnerships have been very helpful and kind and I have truly enjoyed my first year.

I pray you all have a merry Christmas and that Christ shines his love on you throughout the festive season.

God bless and we will see you next year.......


- Book lists
- New uniforms
- Read reports
- Pray for 2023
- Feet up, a Christmas movie and some gingerbread