Heathdale flower 25th June 2021

Coming Soon – Reports, the GAT & Year 12 Intensives

With a few delays to the exam schedules, we'd like to update you on when you can expect to see reports and the GAT, as well as how we're preparing our Year 12s for the rest of the year.

Heathdale flower

It has been wonderful to have all our students back on campus again. Staff have commented on how well students engaged in online learning this time around and it seems that our students have again proved that they can rise to the challenge and show resilience and adaptability to continue their learning. A big thank you for supporting your child through another remote learning patch!

When can I expect reports?

The necessary rescheduling of exams and assessments did impact our report writing and exam marking. As a result, we have uncoupled the exam marks from our mid-year reports this year and our written reports will be posted in the second week, rather than the first week of the school holidays. The schedule is as follows:

From 6th July onwards: reports and awards will be posted home early in the second week of the school holidays, hopefully arriving by the end of the week.

From 19th July onwards: in the first week of Term 3, students will bring home a separate summary report with all their exam marks.

Thursday, 22 July & Tuesday, 27 July: Online Parent-Teacher interviews available from 6:00pm – 8:30pm. Bookings will open in the second week of the holidays and can be made via the Parent Login on our main website.

Year 12 reminders – GAT & Study Intensives

Our Year 12 VCE students, as well as any Year 10 or 11 students undertaking a Unit 3-4 subject, will sit the GAT on the new scheduled date of July 29. Parents have received communication about the GAT during the week.

Our Year 12 students will be coming onsite during the final week of our three-week student break for additional intensives and study skills training. The College has arranged for this time to further support our Year 12s in the light of the interruptions faced last year and this year. We look forward to a very productive week.