Heathdale flower 15th September 2022

College Captains Report: Term 3

Matthew, one of our College Captains, tells us about how Term 3 went from students' perspective and also wishes the best to all who are headed into exam season.

Heathdale flower

With another hectic term coming to a close and our Year 12’s beginning their stress-inducing final stretch, let’s reflect on what’s been happening at Heathdale over the past weeks.

The opening couple of weeks of term began with our production of ‘Sound of Music’ on the 29-30 July. It was amazing! The encouraging and awe-inspired reviews and feedback from staff and students alike was incredibly overwhelming and supportive which really shows the uplifting spirit of the College community.

Throughout August, events such as CSEN Cross Country and Athletics pushed our athletic Heathdale champions as they represented our school in a competition for Christian schools across Victoria! You guys were amazing, well done!

Book Week in August also allowed many of our students to dress up as their favourite characters. Amongst the sea of wizards, Where’s Wally’s, cowboys, pirates, dinosaurs and aliens, fun, joy, laughter and celebration beamed through and was a spectacular sight to see.

Many of our students in both the 10-12 Module and the 7-9 Module participated in the Public Speaking Competitions which exhibited top quality speeches, both improvised and rehearsed, that were all vastly different and extremely entertaining.

The upcoming Battle of the Band’s tournament on the 15th of September has also found students busily preparing to vibe, play and celebrate music all in the name of house spirit!

*Cough* Go Taylor! *Cough*

As we approach the assessment and exam season for our Year 12’s especially, but also all those in secondary who are entering next term with these things in mind, Sharon and I pray for your continued perseverance, strength, determination and we ask that each and every one of you will be empowered to try your very best.

It has been an immense privilege for Sharon and I, alongside our Vice Captains, to serve you all this year. As we push on in our remaining days, we are uplifted, encouraged and overwhelmingly in awe of the hard work and commitment every one of you place in your day-to-day school life. Keep doing what you are doing, it’s amazing.

We wish you all the very, very best and thank you all for an incredible term!