Heathdale flower 27th June 2022

College Captains Report: Term 2

Another full and exiting school term has come and gone! Hear all about it direct from our College Captains, Matthew and Sharon.

Heathdale flower

That brings us to the end of another term! Throughout the past few eventful and freezing cold months, life at Heathdale has been busy for both staff and students as we battled mid-year exam madness and got involved in a number of activities and initiatives.

On May 24th, our school had the privilege to host our very own Colour Splatacular Fun Run in partnership with with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) to raise funds for Christian schools in Ukraine to support students and families. Having raised $46,111 together with our generous community, we were able to support those who are in need with a helping hand! There was a great opportunity for the Werribee Year 12s and Melton Year 9s to share a touching and heartfelt moment with the young and eager prep students, as they ran together in unity! Speaking of running, Melton and Werribee Primary students enjoyed their Athletics Carnival this term with various opportunities for every child to showcase their talents and abilities.

The Year 6s travelled to Mill Valley Ranch for two nights for a riveting camp experience in the winter for three days! They were given the chance to horse-ride, participate in team games, and engage in a chapel meeting in the mornings. The Year 12s went down to Anglesea at Camp Wilkin at the same time! From a captain’s perspective, the 3-day camp was a fabulous break from the stresses of school and allowed us to relax and attempt interesting activities such as surfing.

With all the fun and games comes seriousness and hard work, as NAPLAN testing and examinations crept upon the students in the last month or so of Term 2. A series of studying and concentration was required; however, it is nothing we aren’t used to!

Term 2 was exciting and busy, but many more events are ahead of us with our very own school musical in full steam, as tickets are selling fast. Make sure you grab your tickets to see all the hard work and talent put that has been poured into the fantastic production of 'The Sound of Music'!

Us College Captains are encouraged and inspired by the liveliness and enthusiasm of the school culture to push forward into Term 3. We are expectant and ready to face yet another brilliant semester and encourage each and every single one of you to prepare yourselves and be ready to venture through a new term!