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Child Care Subsidy Changes for OSHC Families

Ted Hatzakortzian, CEO of Big Childcare, shares an important message about updates to Child Care Subsidy entitlements.

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Ted Hatzakortzian, CEO of Big Childcare, has an important message to pass on to Heathdale families!

From Monday 10 July 2023, changes will be made to the way Services Australia calculates Child Care Subsidy (CCS) entitlements for families with children enrolled in Out of School Hours Care. The good news is that childcare will be cheaper for most families! In summary:

The maximum amount of CCS is increasing from 80% to 90% for families earning up to $80,000.
If families earn over $80,000, their CCS percentage will go down by 1% for each $5,000 of income they earn. They will either get more subsidy or there will be no change to their entitlement.

The income limit for CCS has increased to $530,000.
For more information, please click here.

In most cases, families will not need to do anything to get the increased subsidy rate if you are entitled. The changes should be applied automatically from 10 July 2023. However, families are encouraged to check your income estimate and update it should your circumstances change.