Heathdale flower 18th August 2022

Chemistry Students Visit Monash University

Get an insight into what our Year 12 Chemistry students got up to at the Pharmaceutical Sciences Laboratory at Monash University.

Heathdale flower

On Friday 12th of August, we had our our Year 12 Chemistry Excursion to Monash University's Parkville campus.

All the 18 students from Yr 12 Chemistry were involved in visiting the Pharmaceutical Sciences Laboratory to conduct a HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography) practical as a part of their School-assessed Coursework pertaining to Unit 4. The laboratory process went on for about three hours and results were derived successfully. The students also experienced ‘a typical day at the university campus’ and were exposed to all the areas of the campus via a tour conducted by Rachel Ung, Student Recruitment and International Development Manager at Monash University.

Thereafter, our very own Erwin Tan (laboratory technician) motivated our students by speaking to them about Godly Principles at University. It was very inspiring, and we hope that the students were encouraged as they draw closer to making the right career choices in the near future.

A special thank you goes out to Mr Tepace for helping in the organisation of the excursion.