Heathdale flower 19th August 2021

Cheering For Our Student Champions!

All champions need a cheer squad, and we can be that for each other.

Heathdale flower

Our Australian Olympic champions are some of the best athletes of our time. Watching them perform on the world stage, I could not help thinking about the commitment of their parents and families over the years; from identifying their skills and gifts as children, to supporting them as they persistently refined their extraordinary abilities. I thought of the hours, days, months and years of investment from families sitting and cheering by the trackside, local pool or gymnasium. I imagined the early mornings, late evenings, driving to and from venues, travelling interstate, and now, internationally. These commitments, these dreams of reaching an end goal, to represent their country and reach their personal best, are something we may all admire.

That type of support – to help someone else achieve a goal, even Olympic-sized ones - reminds me of the privilege we all have every day to encourage and walk alongside each other. Spurring each other on as we all pursue personal learning through rigorous practice and application.

Those who have gone before us inspire us, just as we hope to support our students for their future.

We can see each person’s potential most clearly through the lens of God’s Word, the Bible. Created in the image of God, we can strive to reach the potential that only God can see in us. Our teachers and staff will continue to help our students take whichever opportunity arises each day to grow, learn and contribute positively to those around them. The cheer squad is prepped and ready as students take each step.

Please know we are praying that every student will know the incredible potential that God sees in them, and we’ll each champion their growth as we see their goals achieved.