Heathdale flower 15th September 2022

Celebrating the Everyday

With so many events happening in the life of our College, it's important that we acknowledge the precious moments that happen everyday in the classroom as well.

Heathdale flower

Well, here we are at the end of Term 3. It has been a joy to be involved in community life this term as we have embraced a multitude of special activities, in addition to our normal school program.

When I write in the newsletter, it can be easy to refer to the “extra” things that we do and offer them as highlights. This term, for example, our outside of classroom activities included Science Week, Book Week, Year 3 Camp Day and Year 8 Camp. We also had our first Year 9 and 10 Subject Selection Information Session in preparation for Year 10 in 2023.

Yet, I am mindful that there is so much to celebrate in our everyday. One such thing for me was the poem below, which was written by Hitesh in Year 5:

The Lord

The Lord, the leader the greatest of them all,

The one that stands mighty and tall.

Who is it? Who is it? All the people ask,

It is the man who can handle any task.

Who is the one, I am still trying to figure out,

He will help us in the harshest of flood and drought.

He fixes all our problems,

We go to Him for help,

He is the one and only God of the universe.

The one whose name we always call,

The ultimate peacemaker, the one who enthrals.

He drives out the demons and teaches the teasers,

Oh, who is he? He is the one and only Jesus.

This Friday we finish Term 3 with a football celebration. This is not simply a dress-up day; instead, given the link with Operation Christmas Child for our Primary students, it should be understood as another opportunity we have to reflect on loving our neighbour.

I do hope that all families have an opportunity to rest during this September holiday period. We very much look forward to seeing all students back onsite on Monday 3rd October.