Heathdale flower 22nd March 2024

Celebrating Student Achievements at CSEN Swimming

From outstanding performances in various divisions to the embodiment of teamwork and community spirit, Heathdale Melton continues to excel in sports. Join us in applauding the achievements of our students at the recent CSEN Swimming Championships.

Heathdale flower

We have the great fortune to congratulate so many of our sporting teams in recent weeks for their efforts and successes in a range of sporting competitions.

Last week we competed in the School Swimming Championships through the Christian School Events Network (CSEN).

Congratulations to students who contributed towards Heathdale Melton winning in the following divisions:

- Under 13 Boys and Girls Divisions: Jacqueline Djie-Spiteri, Ana Golubovic & Adam Cook

- Under 14 Boys and Girls Divisions: Filip Golubovic & Syrn Sabadisto

- Under 15 Boys Division: Aaron Bourke

- Under 21 Girls Division: Laura Cook

Two important foci for our sporting programs at Heathdale are building teamwork skills and fostering community connection. On both counts, our program is proving beneficial and successful.

Many thanks to all the students and parents for their support, and for the significant efforts of so many staff, particularly that of Mr Abrahams and Mr Williams.