Heathdale flower 11th May 2023

Celebrating Our Mothers

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! This week, we have been excited to partner with families by giving Primary students an opportunity to choose a special gift for their mums to present them with this weekend.

Heathdale flower

Mother's Day is upon us! What a wonderful time of the year to celebrate the special people God has placed in our lives. My own mother lived to the great age of 80 and in fact died on her 80th birthday. How blessed I was to have had her for so long. She was a committed Christian lady who lived through some pretty tough times, but she still clung to the cross. Mother's Day feels such an important day where we can honour all our mothers, whether they are with us or not, their legacy lives on. As a mother myself, I look forward to my teenage boys gruffly acknowledging my taxi and food services!

Let's face it - motherhood is hard. It is a lifelong task, and we are often second guessing our parenting skills. At times you may doubt yourself, but God never leaves you, He believes in you. In Ezekiel it says mothers are strong lionesses, full of wisdom.

Because the Bible consistently asks us to honour and love our mothers, we were excited this year to announce the reinstatement of the Mother’s Day stall. Teachers, parents, and children have all expressed a desire for the stall to be brought back.

There are many reasons why we wish to reinstate the stall, but our guiding principles have been:

- It is an opportunity for children to honour their parents.
- It is an opportunity for children to have choice over a gift.
- It is a way we can help families, and release some of the time pressure of choosing gifts when we are all time poor.
- It brings joy to mothers knowing their child has specially chosen something.
- The children get excited about giving back and creates some independence.

We believe it is important to acknowledge the sacrifices and love mothers provide. This year even the Kinder children got to be involved.

Praise God for all of the mothers who are raising the beautiful children of God who come to Heathdale Christian College.