Heathdale flower 26th May 2023

Celebrating Growth

We were grateful to host our Secondary Information Evening for prospective families last week and look forward to seeing our Melton campus grow in 2024.

Heathdale flower

Last Tuesday we held a Secondary Information Evening for prospective families. I know I write this a lot, but it was genuinely wonderful to see so many parents and guardians, actual families! Attending the College for dinner, a few presentations and a College tour.

We held the night in our Drama Centre which afforded used the opportunity to hold an event with food! One of the wonderful opportunities of the night involved Mr Kopitschinski interviewing a few of our current student leaders. I deeply appreciated the honesty of their responses, hearing what they enjoyed about school life here at Heathdale Christian College Melton.

Another key feature was an abbreviated tour of the facilities. One of the features of our campuses is the facilities. We toured a few of the general classrooms, as well as art, food technology, music and the library. We also popped into the Secondary Pastoral Care room.

While it is incredibly important for us to continue to focus on what happens in terms of teaching and learning in our classrooms, I am mindful in writing this that we as the community of Heathdale Christian College should not take our facilities for granted. Of course, the Secondary Information Night was held because of the current interest in the College.

Over the next few weeks, we continue to interview families seeking an enrolment in 2024 with a particular focus on our Prep and Year 7 cohorts.

Additionally, over the past few weeks we have sent home a few notices concerning car parking at the Melton campus. One of those messages was a reminder of what we have available onsite to be able to support families who use our various car parks. The other was a notice of works within our main car park, which we hope will assist traffic flow. My writing about this again is because I want to reinforce the message that we all need to be deeply concerned about keeping the students of the College safe. We certainly need to be conscious of safety when we drop off and pick up our children in the slip road outside of the College gates. We also want you to be very mindful when using the main car park that this is a shared zone. Please drive slowly and accompany your children through the shared zone.

Please be reminded that Friday 2nd June is a student free day.