Heathdale flower 19th March 2021

Captain’s Call

Congratulations to all our student leaders at Melton! What a wonderful team.

Heathdale flower

Another whirlwind term is gradually drawing to a close as we move towards celebrating the resurrection of Christ. The swimming carnival last week was a wonderful success and thank you to all of the parents who came along to cheer the students on. Don’t worry if you missed it as there is another opportunity coming up with our cross country. The teachers are all now fully entrenched into a house and dressed appropriately for the carnival in full colour and we all had lots of fun.

As we get bigger the requirements on our student leaders to be role models and student ambassadors grows. It is therefore my pleasure to introduce you to our school and house captains.

All student leaders are able to promote the student voice within our community and we know they will do a great job for the school in their year of leadership. Students will identify them by their blue vests. Please do encourage your child or children to get to know our captains as people they can also go to if they have any difficulties at all. Thank you, all captains, for being brave and going through the rigorous captain applications.

Secondary Captains: Ashley G & Tina D (Ashley and Tina are two students who have been at the Heathdale Melton Campus for a sustained period. Tina joined in Prep and Ashley in Year 1.)

Primary Captains: Shrika B & Alandra A

House Captains:

Carey: Adhiraj S & Reyhan A

Judson: Kai F & Alex D

Stanway: Taylor R & Ruben V

Taylor: Laura C & Jye S

As I write this the school is getting ready for our open classrooms. Primary students are busy preparing to show you the wonderful work they have achieved this term. I am hopeful you will have noticed how beautiful the grounds are looking. We have new plants and benches that look wonderful. Students have been working hard on minimising rubbish in the yard and already we have seen so much wildlife around the campus. I would like to give a special thank you to our maintenance team. They are the unseen workers around the college at times doing jobs that no one wants to do (ask your children about a possum in the roof!). They work tirelessly and long hours to make the environment peaceful and beautiful to encourage little hearts and minds to grow. If you see them give them a COVID high-five to know we appreciate all they do for us.