Heathdale flower 11th November 2021

Bright Days Ahead

Looking forward to the rest of the term and the beginning of next year, we are expectant for all the exciting and bittersweet action coming up.

Heathdale flower

The next five weeks at Melton are jam packed with activities for all!

We are busy ensuring every new student has an Orientation at the College. Next year, we have over 360 students enrolled already! It is important to us that all students transition well and that we set them up for success from the beginning.

We had to make a call earlier on in the term as to how we would run our Thanksgiving night due to COVID restrictions, so this will be an online event. I would like to thank Mr Ben Danson for all his work recording the students as they celebrate their year of learning, and we hope you will enjoy it just as much virtually as you would in person.

In other events and news: private instrumental music lessons are back on; the Year 6’s will celebrate their Graduation from Primary school on Monday 29th Nov; virtual tours are commencing; and we even have a School Fair for students in Years P-8 on Wednesday 8th December. There is also a fair bit of building works that are happening as we are developing the canteen, food tech room and Year 9 spaces which I am very much looking forward to you all seeing.

I know that in 5 weeks’ time, I will have the sad job of saying goodbye to everyone at the Melton campus, which I have loved so much. However, we are busy recruiting now for a wonderful Principal who will continue to take this campus into the next phase, especially in the Secondary years as we gear up to develop Years 11 and 12.

God is good, and there is much to look forward to as Christmas approaches!

Big Childcare Update

As Remembrance Day came around again, it reminded me of the unsung heroes that enter our daily lives. I would like to take this opportunity to mention an unsung hero at Big Childcare: it is with sadness that we say goodbye to Tayla McKeown at the end of the year. Tayla has been studying to become a teacher and has recently received a graduate teaching position in Sunbury, beginning in Term 1, 2022. Tayla has been a wonderful team member, but we are also excited for her as she begins her teaching journey. Thank you for the support you have shown Tayla; she always felt very fortunate to work at our lovely college.

Please be assured that Big Childcare's before and after school care will be actively recruiting for a suitable replacement for Tayla, and we will keep you updated on progress. Big Childcare are committed to replacing Tayla with someone who will continue the work she has done to create a welcoming and engaging service. For anyone who is interested in using the before or after school service, please contact our administration office for details.