Heathdale flower 16th March 2023

Breaking Barriers on Year 8 Camp

Our Year 8s from Melton recently spent a few days away at Lyrebird Park, where they put communication, teamwork, initiative and determination in action through a number of activities, ultimately learning to break barriers.

Heathdale flower

Broken barriers. These two words encapsulate the Heathdale Christian College Melton Year 8 Camp for 2023. This year's key focus for the Year 8 cohort is to build a culture that honours God and others through our core values as a school. Camp has not just promoted these values but amplified them in such a way that students fostered positive relationships whilst also getting to know their own strengths and weaknesses.

With the support of Warren, Chen Lu, and the Lyrebird Park team, students experienced activities such as Rock Climbing, Flying Fox, Orienteering, and the Leap of Faith. These activities were used to evoke real-life lessons such as communication, teamwork, initiative, and determination, preparing them to be lifelong learners and global citizens.

The teaching team led devotions and activities further encourage students by not just finding who they are but whose they are.

The whole experience culminated in students breaking barriers that could have only been done in a camping environment. What a blessing it is to witness this metamorphic process as students, through what they experienced and learnt, spread their wings to who God has called them to be.

What was your favourite experience at camp?

"My favourite experience at camp was the 'Leap of Faith'. I was extremely scared at first and didn’t really want to do it. I saw a couple other of my friends and classmates having a shot, so I gave it a shot. As I was climbing, I was terrified. I reached the top and just jumped, my scream was so loud. It was my favourite experience because I accomplished a fear of mine and overcame it with the help and support of my friends!" Pheobe Z.

What are some key skills and life lessons you have learnt for us your teachers or the camp staff?

"When you communicate more with people, the better to get things done. For example, when we were doing the spider web activity, we weren’t doing very good but then Warren and the other teachers there said to try and communicate and see what happens. We communicated a lot and helped each other and made it to the end." Elisha D.L.R.