Heathdale flower 12th November 2020

Book Week Dress-Up Day

Book Week Dress Up Day is always a highlight of the calendar and is a great way to celebrate our favourite, most colourful characters.

Heathdale flower

Once more our annual Book Week Dress Up Day for Primary students was a happy day of imagination, action and fun. We had pirates, princesses, heroes and champions of biblical proportions. Baskets, boxes and basket balls for sporting heroes; wands, cloaks and hats for our imaginative characters; animated heroes; cardboard and animated robots; and green dinosaurs.

Alfoil-covered boxes were made into arms and legs for our robotic friends; green hats and leg warmers aptly fitted little leprechauns; clever and resourceful animal characters and little red riding hoods worked happily beside each other in the classrooms. The Cat in the Hat and Where’s Wally are perennial favourites. Books in hand, our princesses and masked happy villains led the way in classrooms to tell and write of all their many adventures.

There was time to share stories, read and role play characters. Each class paraded to music and students waved to those passing by. We missed our parents but photos of students were sent out to help you all be included in the joyful day we all had on site.

Here are a few excerpts from our Year 2 students’ stories.

‘My character is Sherlock Holmes from the book… he is cool, smart and fancy.’

‘My character is Little Red Riding Hood… and she is small and wears lots of red. If I had more time I would have dressed up as a Pokemon trainer… I like to dress up.’

‘My character is very fancy and is French. She has a pet dog called Frenchy, a little sister called JoJo and her best friend is Bree. She and her friend are Super Sleuths!’

Well as you can see, the world of imagination and enthusiasm for reading and books is one of student highlights. Thank you to all students, participants, teachers and parents for your support for this happy day of merriment and entertainment at school.