Heathdale flower 28th May 2021

Blessed to Walk Together

We celebrate our students' perseverance, and encourage them to make friends along the way.

Heathdale flower

Every Wednesday at lunchtime, our intrepid walking students in Year 2-6 meet on the oval to complete laps. As they walk an individual record is kept as well as an overall tally for each year level. Those achievements of our walking group are then shared amongst our staff and primary students. This is done because we want to cheer them, congratulate them and note their commitment. This is worth celebrating because we have such a large number of primary students who are so very committed, and enthusiastic and just happy supporters of this weekly event. They turn up faithfully each week, they gather and include other students around them and they all then just begin walking. What a great way to spend a lunch break, walking and chatting with friends along the journey. A most enjoyable friendly pastime in which our students can share stories and enjoy each other’s company as they walk along.

We cheer our students for turning up for scheduled activities that requires from them a commitment of time, dedication to a goal, and enduring in that effort to achieve an end. It takes positive determination to be on time, and maintain enthusiasm over a sustained period. Diligence, commitment and perseverance are all in the mix, and students participating in such events benefit in a variety of ways.

It is great to see this perseverance in our young learners. While days may not always go to plan, we can keep encouraging each other to keep trying, and be determined to succeed. Our journey is enjoyable when we find and make friends to encourage along the way. This is who we are at Heathdale Christian College and our students are leading the way as they employ such valuable, observable, character traits.