Heathdale flower 19th August 2021

Behind The Scenes

From Olympians to Cathedrals and our own personal lives, there is always someone working behind the scenes to bring about something amazing.

Heathdale flower

Like many of us, while the Olympics were on, I fell into the habit of having the TV on in the background. Every time I walked past or near-by, I’d stop to catch a glimpse of what was happening. There was a particular standout moment for me; watching Emma McKeon being interviewed just after she had won her fourth gold medal.

The commentator rattled off her achievements over this Olympics and said, “You must be proud you have been able to achieve all of this?”

Emma’s response was amazing! Rather than accept all the glory for achievements in the pool, she humbly responded, “I was just the one in the pool. Behind the scenes have been my coach and family. I have to thank my coach, who helped me train, refine my technique and develop a strategy for each race. My family have provided countless hours of support. They have enabled me to do all of this!”

Emma recognised that while she was the one who had to dive into the water and swim stroke by stroke through the pool to be awarded the gold, it was her coach who taught her how to refine those techniques, who put her through countless training regimes, prepared her for ‘those moments’, and gave her a strategy for each race. It was as if her coach was the architect, helping Emma behind the scenes to be the skilled worker/swimmer she is today!

This situation reminded me of a sermon by H.O. Mackey. He rhetorically posed the question, “Who built St Paul’s Cathedral in London?” He continued, “It was so many carpenters, stone masons, iron workers, carvers, painters and the list goes on. But then, there was Sir Christopher Wren. He was not a stone mason, nor an iron worker or a carpenter. In fact, Sir Christopher never laid a single stone, hammered a nail or even forged a piece of railing, what did he do? The answer is simple, he did it all!” As the architect behind the scenes, he planned this splendid structure and his inspired thoughts and dreams were able to guide and direct the efforts of each and every worker. It was if they were his hands.

People from all four corners of the globe flock in their thousands to see this magnificent cathedral, Sir Christopher Wren’s masterpiece, every year.

In the same way that H.O Mackey may have asked who built St Paul’s Cathedral, one could ask, “who wrote the Christian Bible?” Our initial response may be people like Jeremiah, Moses, Ruth, Isaiah, the Apostle Paul, John or Peter. They were indeed the human hands that were able to pen the words, but the Christian Bible is still God’s book. The Holy Spirit guided these individuals, with their unique styles and experiences as instruments of God’s inspirational purpose. Scriptures record on three occasions that God wrote with His own hand: 1) At Mount Sinai with the writing of the 10 Commandments; 2) On the wall of the Babylonian King, Belshazzar’s palace. 3) As Jesus wrote on the ground in the Temple in front of His accusers.

But nowhere else does it claim that God physically wrote the Bible. He is though, the Author and Architect of its meaning! As Bible scholar William C. Proctor so aptly said, “In the Bible we have God’s authorship and man’s penmanship!”

No wonder it is like no other book on earth and needs to be read carefully and considerately.

This is one of the main reasons why we at Heathdale have and will continue to commence each day by reading, reflecting and listening to God’s word that can be found in the Bible. We want our students to hear it, know and engage with it. As the author and architect of the Bible, it is His special gift to each of us that we can receive daily. Through the Bible, like Emma McKeon’s coach, God provided us with words that can guide, inform and enable us to live life as He has designed it to be lived.


Ross Grace

Executive Principal