Heathdale flower 08th December 2022

Artful Celebration of our Year

Our Celebration Nights were a wonderful reminder of the talent and creativity in our Christian learning community

Heathdale flower

Here we are at the end of the 2022 school year.

I would like to thank parents and families for your enthusiasm in attending the many College events over the past few weeks. It is not only encouraging to your own children to see you attending but also to our staff team.

Across a number of the newsletters this year I have sought to connect elements of school life to our Christian beliefs. The same was true at our Celebration evenings last week where we tried to bring a bigger picture perspective to how we understand Christian schooling. At the Secondary Celebration evening, for example, a number of academic awards were presented. Additionally, we had students share their thoughts on the year through video presentations, and a fantastic display of student Art and VCD works in the foyer. In my speeches I commented that we as a staff are exploring our own understandings of Christian schooling, of how our Christian faith intersects with educational practice. We expect that in addition to having our own professional learning inform our classroom practices, our students will come to a deeper understanding of how faith impacts life, including their education. We certainly want the students of Heathdale Christian College to achieve excellent outcomes. This may be evident in awards, it also may be seen through their expressions of creativity in the broad curriculum offerings available to them such as Art, Drama, Music, or Food Technology. Fundamentally, as stated in our College foundational statements, our endeavours are about encouraging the God-given potential in each of the children in our care. This will look different for each of our students, though it needs to be central to all that we do.

As this is the final newsletter of the year, I want to make a few acknowledgements. Thank you, Rashi, Bryan, and Jonathan, for your leadership in the Primary school. Thank you also to Isaac, Adhiraj, and Rachel for your leadership in the Secondary school. As I have mentioned a few times, it has been a challenging year for the staff. In this post lockdown year, we still have felt the impacts of COVID. Staff have had to work more due to a shortage of casual relief staff. I am very thankful for their perseverance. I would also like to acknowledge Miss Alice Yang who is leaving us. I pray that the Lord will be with her in her new role at Lighthouse Christian College.

May all families enjoy times of reflection on the message of Christmas this summer holiday season.