Heathdale flower 31st March 2023

Announcing Werribee's Year 6 Captains & Leaders

Well done to all the Year 6 students are taking on new leadership roles at Werribee this year!

Heathdale flower

Our Year 6 Student Leaders at the Werribee Campus are:

Primary Captains:
Dehein Ariyawansa & Annabelle Tan
Primary Vice Captains:
Bolton Nguyen & Mikayla Husni

Primary Captains + Vice Captains
Primary Captains + Vice Captains with Miss Rebecca Puopolo

Carey Captains: Joshua Sarwono & Savannah Shaaya
Carey Vice Captains:
Jeremy Enwere & Aarna Sikka

Carey Captains + Vice Captains

Judson Captains: Marcus Zhu & Chloe Zhang
Judson Vice Captains:
Matthew Gowe & Giselle Wintle

Judson Captains + Vice Captains

Taylor Captains: Ethan Teoh & Alina Chakkal
ylor Vice Captains: Ahan Patel & Samaira Mahna

Taylor Captains + Vice Captains

Stanway Captains: Gauransh & Mishka Trapasiya
Stanway Vice Captains:
Daniel Do & Frankie Marriott

Stanway Captains + Vice Captains