Heathdale flower 13th October 2023

Announcing Our College Captains for 2024

Congratulations to our outstanding College Captains and Vice-Captains of 2024! We proudly announce Chloe Zimmerman and Geta Gebremichael as our College Captains, with Endria Ang and Michael Lozanovski leading as our Vice-Captains.

Heathdale flower

It is with great pleasure that we announce our 2024 College Captains. Our College Captain selection this year began with all Year 9 – 11 students having the opportunity to nominate a Year 11 student they believed had the character and ability to be a great student

We received 147 responses! Those responses identified 30 individual students, and each nominating student answered a series of questions about the person they had nominated.

When our students spoke about their fellow students, they said things like:

“…is trustworthy and extremely helpful… cares deeply about her faith...”

“…very compassionate among his fellow students…”

“…diligent… heart to serve others…”

“…out of the box thinker, responsible, determined…”

It was wonderful to read the commendations that were made and the evidence of how students are seen and respected by their own peers.

Our staff then had the opportunity to give feedback on the nominations and from the two sources of information - peers and staff - we narrowed the field down to a short list for interviews with the Heads of 7-9 & 10-12 and Mrs Letcher.

After this exhaustive process, we have our final four! We know they have the respect of their peers, the praise of their teachers and the courage to be willing to serve and put others before themselves.

We therefore wish to congratulate our new College Captains, Chloe Zimmerman and Geta Gebremichael, and our new College Vice-Captains, Endria Ang and Michael Lozanovski.