Heathdale flower 15th June 2023

Announcing our 2024 Musical, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is coming to the Heathdale stage in August 2024! Werribee students who are currently in Year 6-11 are invited to audition for the show at the beginning of next term.

Heathdale flower

We are excited to announce our next Heathdale Werribee Campus musical, coming to the stage in 2024!

About Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a new musical, and it is not a copy of the film. You may find that the songs, storyline and characters are different to what you know. This is to help make this story come to life on the stage, as books, films and stage shows all require different things to help make them special.

There are 18 characters with speaking roles, and an ensemble. The ensemble has a lot to sing and do, and those in the ensemble will be involved as:

- Reporters
- Local civilians
- Friends of the ticket winners
- Chocolate lovers
- Oompa Loompas

We feel that this musical gives lots of students the opportunity to play great characters, wear fun costumes and sing great songs. Being a modern musical, the songs are quite up to date and will suit the type of voices that we have here at Heathdale.

There is an orchestra, but the music in a musical can be very tricky to play. Therefore, music teaching staff will contact students directly about participating in the orchestra later this year. Orchestral rehearsals will start in Term 1 next year.

Please note that expressions of interest for backstage crew, hair and makeup, costuming, etc. will be collected at a later date.

The Audition Process

Students wishing to audition need to collect an audition application form. They are available from the Music, Secondary and Primary Offices. Once you have filled in your form, please take it to the Music or Primary Office, or email it to instrumentalmusic@heathdale.vic.edu.au.

Once we receive your returned form, you will be allocated an audition time and given access to the Musical Canvas tile.

In the audition, students will be asked to sing and prepare a musical theatre song from the selection on Canvas, and also prepare a short monologue. You need to prepare both the singing and acting elements for the audition.

Students will audition in small groups of students from your year level.

There will also be dancing auditions. These will be held at lunchtimes early in Term 3.

Students who wish to audition for the special dance troupe need to state this on their audition form and need to be available on the first Tuesday lunchtime in Term 3.

Audition Tips

- Arrive on time your audition. Aim to arrive 5 minutes early and leave enough time to walk to the Creative Arts Building.

- Let your teachers know in advance that you are auditioning. Send your teacher an email on the Monday or Tuesday before the auditions.

- Be polite before, during or after your audition

- Show us your confidence

- Memorise your lyrics and lines

- Come prepared to sing to the backing track

- Sing with accurate pitch, rhythm and diction

- Get into character and show us how you move

Do you have a question about the production or the audition process? Please send any enquiries to our Music Department at instrumentalmusic@heathdale.vic.edu.au.