Heathdale flower 24th November 2022

An Ever-Present Focus

Our worldview affects how we live our lives, including how we approach school. At Heathdale, we proudly offer rich and holistic education from a Biblical perspective.

Heathdale flower

As we continue to edge toward the end of 2022 and plan for 2023, I continually find myself reflecting on how our Christian faith impacts life, obviously with a focus on school life. The intersection of our Christian faith and school life is very much a conversation, whether it be in discussing school programs, staffing for 2023, enrolments, even our building plans.

Peeling back conversations, I am mindful that each of us has a particular story. We each have our own way of viewing the world that being informed by our repeated interactions everyday as we engage in culture. Our worldview affects how we see schooling, which has been shaped by our family, our community and our experiences of schooling. Some of us have had an experience where the Christian faith was part of our own schooling. Others have not had this. Nonetheless, what we need to understand is that all schooling exists within a society and that each society has particular beliefs that underpin it.

In the midst of a changing Australia, we at Heathdale Christian College are seeking to offer a Christian education. Our great challenge is to be faithful to Christ in both our current practice and our planning. With respect to this, I welcome the prayers of this community so that the Gospel message of Christianity may be ever present in school life.

Safety in the Carpark

I would like to take this opportunity to ask all families to be mindful of the school crossings when picking up and dropping off children to school. Please encourage all children to use the assigned crossings which are well supervised by School Crossing Supervisors.

I also remind all parents to park in the appropriate car park or slip lane car parks outside of the College gates. Your cooperation in both using the crossings and car parks will assist the College in keeping all safe.

It is my hope that all the families of the campus will be able to join us next Monday and Tuesday nights as we look to celebrate elements of the school life at Enjoy Church Melton. If you have not already booked your tickets, I encourage you to do so via the booking link sent to families last week.