Heathdale flower 28th April 2023

An Adventure in the Outback

We are excitedly awaiting the return of our Year 11 students and staff members who have been travelling across the Australian outback in partnership with Across the Divide Ministries. Read on to get a glimpse of what they've been up to!

Heathdale flower

A team of Year 11 students and two adventurous teachers have been on an odyssey across the Australian outback over the school holidays. Travelling with Across The Divide Ministries, this trip aims to give students the opportunity to visit a number of indigenous communities across Queensland and the Northern Territory.

On their travels they have been listening to stories, learned about culture, and spent time with indigenous Christian leaders to better understand the challenges of outback life and the work of God in these far-flung spaces.

Travel has been in the mighty Oka bus and accommodation has been around a million stars – seen from the flaps of their trusty tents. Red dust, outback waterholes, bush toilets and spectacular sunsets have been part of this stretching and challenging experience.

We are grateful for the safety and good health the team has enjoyed and are looking forward to the stories and learning they will be able to share when they get back next week!

Our team have travelled more than 5000 kms by road and will finish up their trip at Uluru, flying home on Saturday.