Heathdale flower 01st December 2023

Amazing Ideas on Display at Our Year 9 Sustainability Fair

Discover the creativity and sustainability initiatives showcased at our Year 9 Sustainability Fair, where students demonstrated their passion and ideas for sustainable practices and earned accolades for outstanding projects.

Heathdale flower

Amazing ideas, sustainable visions and mountains of enthusiasm were on display at our Year 9 Sustainability Fair. Everything from a chickens-at-school program to recycled clothing schemes and an e-bike proposition were presented by teams of students as part of their Culture & Environment subject.

Students were introduced to the action-research methodology, investigating an area of sustainable practice that interested them, conducting research and surveys, and documenting their discoveries before producing a display for our Sustainability Fair that parents and friends could attend.

The night also included the People’s Choice award and the Principal’s Choice award for the projects of the highest calibre. Congratulations to Channel and Elliot for winning the People’s Choice Award with their compost gardens scheme. And congratulations to Hasti, Samantha and Molly for winning the Principal’s Choice Award with their Nude Food project.

“Elliott and I created a project to implicate gardens, rain farms and compost all around the school. This would help sustainability throughout the school and help students and even staff learn how to garden. Each grade would have a garden of their own and at the end of the year a competition would be held to see who had grown the most and a prize would be given to that grade. At the fair we explained our project and helped people learn more about our project. The highlight of the fair was probably winning and telling the interested Year 7 and 8s about our projects.” Channel M. 9W

“My experience at the Sustainability fair was great! It was really fun coming up with ideas to engage the crowd and working together with my friends to create a poster we were all really proud of. The highlight of the fair was the Year 7 and 8s coming up to see our posters, having them come in really encouraged us and got us excited for the evening.” Hasti M. 9T